About Join The HERD

Have you HERD? There’s a new way YOU can play a vital role in the recovery and ongoing well-being of horses.

The HERD is a group of passionate and dedicated monthly givers who envision a culture of humane care and compassion for all equines. People like you, from across the United States and around the world, giving what they can to show, how together we can make a difference in the lives of horses.

Horses thrive in a herd. Together, they are fulfilled by companionship and gain a sense of wellbeing. As humans, we appreciate similar opportunities. We gravitate toward groups of likeminded people, fulfilled by the sense of belonging and working together to make a difference.

As life changers and impact makers, your monthly gift enables the continuation of our ground-breaking initiatives that impact the lives of horses and inspire advocates of all ages and backgrounds to help put an end to equine suffering.